«State of the art – Future Development»

«State of the art – Future Development»

Welcome to Norway and Oslo!

The Norwegian Group for Rock Mechanics (NBG) and the Norwegian Tunnelling Society (NFF) have the pleasure to announce that the 8th Nordic Grouting Symposium will take place 26-27th of September 2016. The symposium will be held at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Oslo, Norway. We hereby invite our Nordic colleagues to present papers, exchange experiences and discuss the latest development in Rock Grouting amongst like-minded.

Rock Grouting has a long history starting with dam construction and rehabilitation to challenging ground improvement for mining, tunnelling, rock mechanics and environmental remediation. Rock grouting is typically performed to reduce the hydraulic conductivity of, or more appropriately, across a rock mass by injection of grout into the rock´s joints and fissures.

The Eight Nordic Symposium on Rock Grouting will have special focus on mechanisms, theories, and practical applications of grouting for permeability reduction into underground structures and groundwater cutoffs. We are particularly anxious to elaborate on the latest news on grout technology and future development. As the symposium is Nordic, it will also reflect basic cultural differences between pure theoretic science and pragmatic empirical differences.

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Dr. Roger Olsson Professor Eivind Grøv
International Hydro, Statkraft SINTEF Byggforsk./NTNU
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